The quest for the ultimate bottle.  The Holy Grail.  The continued crusade to find that perfect bottle.  My dream, my quest, my crusade, my……job!  I have come very close several times.  I have enjoyed this quest, oh the Bordeaux, Rioja, Cabernet, Brunello, Merlot and the list goes on, that I have enjoyed in this quest.  Oh pity me, always in the search for perfection.

Today I have come very close.  Domaine des Perdrix, Nuits-Saint-Georges is very close to that perfection.  I know, I know I have said it before-and I will say it again.  But at this time-at this moment- this is about as good as it gets.

Domaine des Perdrix is a premier cru, Nuits-St-Georges, the a sub-region of Burgundy.  Small in comparison to domestic vineyards, these few acres produce some of the best wines in the world.
The fragrance of violets and cherries emanates from the opened bottle. The beautiful bouquet lulls you into nirvana.

The luscious-delicious juice erupts in the mouth.  Layer  upon layer of flavor invades the senses.  Dark black cherry flavors touched with a smokiness meld into the long silky finish.  An earthiness that is typical of Burgundy makes the finishing touch.

Lovely, Beautiful, delicious.  What can I say, just a Fantastic wine.




Just look at that.  Just looking at it and you know – you know what is coming!!!!

I made chicken pot pie tonight. I sauteed everything in the Finca Nueva.  I always tell my customers that you shouldn’t cook with something you wouldn’t drink.  I def drink this.


Me and friends at Finca Nueva with Miguel.


Look at that color.  I know you just are tempted. Now get off your butt and go get some.

Where do you start, the color, that drop dead gorgeous gold. I grew up in the tExas country side and I do know what the sun looks like on a hot summer day, or the color of corn silk glistening in that sun. That is the color you find here.

What about Rioja. Rioja is one of the best known DOC in Spain. Grapes have been harvested in this area for more than a thousand years. Best known for it’s reds it does produce high quality whites too. Finca Nueva Blanco boasts 100% Viura grapes. Rioja is also known for it’s use of oak aging. Consistent with its Northern neighbor – Bordeaux.

Bodega Finca Nueva is a project lead by wine maker Miguel Angel de Gregorio. I had the very distinct pleasure of visiting his winery several years ago. I highly recommend the trip and visiting the winery. Miguel is also the winemaker at Allende.

The Finca Nueva Blanco has a nose that reminds me of a bright summer day in the garden. The fresh orchard smells and cut grass. the mouth has a distinct citrus notes with hints of vanilla. Full mouth feel balanced acidity. A light refreshing wine that is perfect with chicken or fish. Enjoyable, it is my alternative to Sauv Blanc. Spanish wines also have an advantage. They are usually a better price and quality than you find in other places. This one was under 10.



Sometimes you just run across a wine that you want to marry, or at least keep as a mistress. Sex with wine-don’t pretend, you know you have thought about it. Well this is one of those.

Once you pull the cork you are automatically hit with oh the Garden of pleasure, violets, roses and plumeria, ( I was just in Hawaii). Smell is actually 90% of taste. All of my senses are in overdrive now, and I am already tasting, my mouth is flowing juices like an excited virgin. The immensely dark juice pours into the glass. So intriguing, inviting and yet mysterious.

As I pour the wine into my mouth I am hit with WOW just amazing amounts of fruit. Succulent and supple. The intense concentrated flavors that are packed in here are so hard to define individually. But, man oh man, you definitely get the plum, black cherry, licorice. On the end you will note coffee and chocolate. The pleasures of the body all in one bottle. The rich velvety touch of the juice touches my soul. I feel a euphoria coming over me. The long finish with ever so light tannins envelops me, taking control. I am entranced now, my body is begging for more. And more it shall have. I must go now I am about to have a relationship with my wine.

On a more serious note. The Baxter family continues to provide excellence. Phil Baxter Jr. has followed in his fathers footsteps-providing some of the best wines in Napa. Some old world nuances mixed with new world style. Beautiful.


This is one of the best wines you will ever have. Not much on the market so if you find it buy it.



Spanish wines have been a favorite for a long time. Reds mostly , but from time to time I come across an exceptional white, and this is one.  Senorio De Nava from Rueda.  Rueda is a DOC in North Central Spain, mainly known for Verdejo.  This wine is made from Verdejo, a lite citrus style grape, and Viura.  Viura is also known as Macabeo-usually used as a blending grape.  Verdejo is one of the most common white grape varities with a style similar to Sauvignon Blanc.

The Senorio de Nava winery was founded in 1986.  Young in wine age.  They are known for being the first to use French oak barrels for aging.  This wine is perfect for seafood and light meals. Aromas of fresh fields (if that is a thing, but I bet you imagined what I was talking about).  Perfectly balanced. Light acidity.  Elegant citrus notes that are not overwhelming.  An easy drinking very approachable wine.

I did pair this with a shrimp and pasta dish that just called for a wine that would compliment the flavors.  Butter and lemon, garlic and seasonings, what else do you need.




In the U.S. we do not know much of the Lirac. In truth the whole Rhone valley is a bit of a mystery. The Lirac village is located just next to Chateauneuf de Pape. Several grape varieties are used in this area, the most prevalent being grenache and syrah. The Romans are known to have been growing grapes in the region for a millennia. The Jaume family has been making wine here for almost 200 years. They are also certified organic growers.

Clos de Sixte is 50% grenache, 35% syrah and 15% mouvedre. Talk about a winning combination well you got it in this one. Ravens wing purple-dark in color. Enticing you to go over to the dark side. The rich, lush juice is preceded by the bouquet of strawberries and violets that emerge from the bottle when uncorked. I was hoping for lilies, but no.

The juice engulfs my throat causing my mouth to water uncontrollably. Big luscious ripe fruit-oh what a pleasure to enjoy. Blackberry, plum dark cherry with just enough spice at the end to entice and intrigue. Smooth, light tannins linger for a short period but the fruit just keeps going. This is definitely a fine wine. well structured, lots of fruit, perfectly balanced. Perfect with any meal, cheese or fruit, or you can just drink it like I did – by itself.



The Jaume family proudly display their name on the bottle and rightfully so. Look for Lirac and the seal on the bottle. You can’t go wrong. If you have never had a Lirac you must try one, and this is a great way to start.


I am not a Chardonnay fan.  A friend gave me this wine over the Holidays. Always wanting to try something new I opened this last night.  There was a vague aroma of hay and oak, as I stuck my nose into the bottle.

The full golden color was a complete give away to what was coming.  Full, rich, buttery an big oak.  I am assuming the malolactic fermentation did exactly what it was supposed to do.

Full bodied but soft.  Big Buttery, oak bomb.  this is a very popular style of Chardonnay, not mine though.  But, leaving my personal tastes aside (I realize that MANY people love this style) this is a very good wine.  I admit i drank most of the bottle, I did I did.



this was a gift so I really am not sure the price, but I would think under 20

I love yellow cake with chocolate icing. that has nothing to do with anything – just wanted to throw that out there.

First let’s understand the term Bordeaux Superieur.  The grapes are usually Cabernet, Cab Franc, or Merlot. There are several regulations that differ from regular Bordeaux.

  1. Higher vine density
  2. a lower maximum yield
  3. grapes are harvested later for a more ripe grape
  4. they are barrel aged.

In the case of the Ch. Feret Lambert the Merlot really stands out.

Aromas of violets, rose, cherry, plum and licorice.  These blow from the bottle the second the cork is pulled.  Really inviting and pleasant.  I can close my eyes and imagine myself in a beautiful vineyard surrounded by flowers and vines.

The taste of the juice blows my mind.  Fruit forward and strong.  Outstanding, as my mouth is watering.  the ripe fruits are pushing through wow ok just wow.  Cherry, blackberry, chocolate yes chocolate, and just a note of cedar.  The finish just keeps lingering on, that chocolate spiciness ooohhh.

A real gem.  At less than 20$ it is a steal.  Beautiful .

Now I am going to go enjoy some yellow cake and chocolate icing.  (You didn’t think I wasn’t going to just leave that there without bringing it back.!!)