The quest for the ultimate bottle.  The Holy Grail.  The continued crusade to find that perfect bottle.  My dream, my quest, my crusade, my……job!  I have come very close several times.  I have enjoyed this quest, oh the Bordeaux, Rioja, Cabernet, Brunello, Merlot and the list goes on, that I have enjoyed in this quest.  Oh pity me, always in the search for perfection.

Today I have come very close.  Domaine des Perdrix, Nuits-Saint-Georges is very close to that perfection.  I know, I know I have said it before-and I will say it again.  But at this time-at this moment- this is about as good as it gets.

Domaine des Perdrix is a premier cru, Nuits-St-Georges, the a sub-region of Burgundy.  Small in comparison to domestic vineyards, these few acres produce some of the best wines in the world.
The fragrance of violets and cherries emanates from the opened bottle. The beautiful bouquet lulls you into nirvana.

The luscious-delicious juice erupts in the mouth.  Layer  upon layer of flavor invades the senses.  Dark black cherry flavors touched with a smokiness meld into the long silky finish.  An earthiness that is typical of Burgundy makes the finishing touch.

Lovely, Beautiful, delicious.  What can I say, just a Fantastic wine.




Just look at that.  Just looking at it and you know – you know what is coming!!!!

Chablis is located in the Northern most area of Burgundy.  Using Chardonnay grapes  to produce a slightly lighter more mineral flavored wine.

The color of Laroche reminds me of a gorgeous sunlit day.  Yellow and fiercely bright.

The aroma rising out of the bottle brings to mind a field of fresh daisies with notes of citrus.

As the juice its your mouth the crisp, mineral notes are the first to note.  Quickly on their heels; orange, mandarin, crisp green apple.  Your mouth tightens up from the citrus, but your senses beg for more, more, more.  Delicious, crisp and refreshing.


Enjoy wp-1485985993718.jpg

Mercurey is within the Cote Chalonnaise and one of the “premier” areas of Burgundy.

There are 32 premier Cru vineyards in Mercurey, however, no Grand Cru.

This beautiful full Pinot Noir is velvety smooth with lots of fruit.  Great nose featuring big bold aromas of fruit, pepper and cedar.  This is a great wine to serve by itself or with lamb or other lighter red meats.