Oh those Mistral winds, blowing down from the Alps to the Mediterranean.  I’ve stood in the middle of vineyards with the Mediterranean  only a few miles away and those winds howling down, full coat on in late May.  But what I would give to do that again.  The wines of the Rhone region are mainly grenache, syrah and mouvedre.  The southern Rhone deals with these winds bringing cold air and hot humid summers.  Domaine du Mistral has been in the Aubert family for 15 years under the very watchful eye of brother Yves.  A multi award winning domaine with most offerings under 20$.

So lets get to the wine.

A bright, bright red glow in the glass.  Already tantalizing, the wine is calling you to partake.

The floral notes abound, a llittle smoky. Violets intermingled with aromas of red berries.  The bouquet opens up the room and you are smitten already.

As the wine passes over my tongue i am so intrigued.  Rich, robust full bodied.  Every centimeter of my mouth is tingling.  The velevty soft tannins cling to my cheeks, not enough to make me pucker, just enough to make me want another glass.  

Wow, the fruit just keeps coming.  Raspberry, blackberry abound.  What, yes a little hint of toast, smoke and earth. But the fruit is the best and it just keeps going.  Very structured and balanced, Elegant, fruity, I don’t know what else to say.  Just a damn good drink.


Blowing in  the mistral winds
Blowing in the mistral winds