Kitchen Sink White Blend. If you are looking for a perfect summer refresher this could be it. The blend is perfect, Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, and what – Gewurztraminer. Yes a trifecta of flavor and body. Chardonnay providing a fuller, richness. The Chenin Blanc a crispness. And the sweetness of the Gewurztraminer a perfect ending.

Made at one of my favorite wineries, Adler Fels. Winemaker Harry Parducci, Jr. Has once again worked his magic and provided a fruity, yet dry and very fun wine.

Aromas of peach, pear, and honeysuckle. A slight acidity coming through in citrus notes. All of the flavors work in harmonious conjunction. The lush richness of the blend provides so much satisfaction. My oh my I think I will drink this whole bottle. Sorry you cant enjoy it with me. But at less the 10$ a bottle have one yourself. A cheap thrill well worth it.

Enjoy $

Roasted pork with rice and veggies. Can’t help but love this wine.


Pierre Amadieu has a long family history in fact the whole family, uncles cousins are involved in the wine industry.  The Rhone is their home and they have become the “artists in residence” of the family.   Rhone wines are predominantly grenache and syrah, with tidbits of others thrown in for balance.  The Vinsobres is a vineyard in Southern Rhone.

This wine is Grenache and Syrah, medium bodied but still lush.   Perfectly balanced with aromas of violets and lavender, a typical grenache.  But then the juice hits the palate.  Oh man what a sensation.  The cherry and currant surprisingly work together, mouth watering in excess.  Plum comes along at the end. Very very light tannins that just add that extra bit to the enjoyment.   A magnificent, delicious wine.  This is a wine meant to have with food.  Roast, venison, rabbit.  I enjoyed with a pan seared chicken.  Another memorable evening.

Enjoy $$


The essence of smooth velvet. Rich and bold, dark fruits, chocolate notes with a licorice ending. A great balance. Hailing from Columbia Valley, this delicious juice moves me . Jon Zimmerman has created a bountiful bouquet of flavors and meshed them into a delightful experience.

A great evening wine to pair with any meat, or just drink it.

Enjoy $$

The Titus brothers continually amaze. I am not a domestic Chardonnay fan. But folks this one is an exception. It has all the right components, butter, oak, fruit, but the balance is what is impressive. Too many CA chardonnay taste like gnawing on cardboard and are all together flat.

This one is perfection. Rich, smooth and creamy. Notes of tree fruit, apple, pear and peach. What a delicious combination.

Enjoy $$