I love yellow cake with chocolate icing. that has nothing to do with anything – just wanted to throw that out there.

First let’s understand the term Bordeaux Superieur.  The grapes are usually Cabernet, Cab Franc, or Merlot. There are several regulations that differ from regular Bordeaux.

  1. Higher vine density
  2. a lower maximum yield
  3. grapes are harvested later for a more ripe grape
  4. they are barrel aged.

In the case of the Ch. Feret Lambert the Merlot really stands out.

Aromas of violets, rose, cherry, plum and licorice.  These blow from the bottle the second the cork is pulled.  Really inviting and pleasant.  I can close my eyes and imagine myself in a beautiful vineyard surrounded by flowers and vines.

The taste of the juice blows my mind.  Fruit forward and strong.  Outstanding, as my mouth is watering.  the ripe fruits are pushing through wow ok just wow.  Cherry, blackberry, chocolate yes chocolate, and just a note of cedar.  The finish just keeps lingering on, that chocolate spiciness ooohhh.

A real gem.  At less than 20$ it is a steal.  Beautiful .

Now I am going to go enjoy some yellow cake and chocolate icing.  (You didn’t think I wasn’t going to just leave that there without bringing it back.!!)



20170831_192019Oh What a Night.  Everything about this wine is spectacular.  First it is from the Pessac-Leognan appellation.  (Do not confuse with Chateau Haut-Brion, the only 1855 classified red wine from the appellation).  But, for a much more economical substitute -and I certainly cannot drink Haut-Brion on a regular basis, this is one to go with.  And of course it is a 2009 vintage.  One of the top 5 vintages in the last 20 years.

The aroma bursts from the bottle immediately after opening.  Violets and roses.  Hints of cinnamon and spices.  Delightful, inviting.  You must let this one sit for awhile.  This just adds to the intense anxiety you have to jump in and drink immediately.  It is sorta like going on a blind date and arriving an hour early, (Carly Simon singing anticipation starts going through your head.

Once you pour the opulent juice in your glass your body starts tingling with excitement.  The dark raven wing color is just-well -beautiful.  As you sip some of the juice in your mouth , first the tip of the tongue starts trying to decipher all of the elements.  Then as your cheeks start noticing the wine, automatic mouth watering begins.  A very well balanced, fruit forward wine.  Plum, ripe cherry, smoke and earthiness and cedar.  Notes of pepper.  OMG  give me more.  Tannins are so very soft and elegant-silky.  The wine is soft,  a more medium body.  Ripe red fruits are plentiful with a smoky after.  The finish is loooonnngggg.   This is a perfect wine for a cheese dinner.

I am going to leave you now and finish this bottle!!!!!