Valpolicella, Valpolicella…Sorry I just love saying that.   Valpolicella is a viticultural zone outside of Verona Italy.  Three grapes are usually used to make the red wine known as Valpolicella…there I said it again…Corvina Veronese, Rondinella and Molinera.


The Allegrini family has been making wine since the 16th century.  All of that knowledge and history are all wrapped up in this bottle.  The bouquet overflows with cherry, pepper and violet.  The senses are immediately intrigued by the complexity.   Once the juice hits your taste buds…..well let’s just say, “All Hell Breaks Loose.”   Your mind is racing trying to determine all of the flavors, your mouth is watering and your body is begging for more.  Shaking like an addict in withdrawal you raise the glass and  give in to the hedonistic pleasures that await.  The full bodied, rich and velvet texture coats and soothes the tongue.  Savoring the liquid you become aware of the fresh fruit with slight herbal notes.  The slight tannins give you that little pucker and of course that need for more, I am hooked.

Enjoy this delicious wine with light red meats and traditional Italian.

And It’s less than 15$



Yea, this baby got back and she’s stacked.  This voluptuous wine  soothes and excites all at the same time.  Like listening to your favorite Barry White song  with an exotic dancer moving slowly in front of you.

There is so much depth to this wine. So many elements competing for attention.  The aromas erupting from the bottle your olfactory system (yes I had to use that word) will go into overdrive.  Plum, violets, cherry blossoms and more fill the room starting the hypnosis that will eventually set in.

Once in your mouth your body will hit nirvana.  That peaceful feeling that leads you into bliss.  All of the flavors pop in your mouth like an eruption.  Each flavor taking its turn at lead.  Like the sirens of lore beckoning you, your body eases into complete relaxation.  What a wonderful feeling.  Very lite tannins follow a very long finish.Pure pleasure.


$$  a phenomenal value.

wp-1484265583400.jpgI enjoyed this with a little afternoon snack.  Needless to say the rest of the day was ecstasy.

Dolcetto is a red wine grape from Northwest Italy.  Known for making softer fruitier wines than say Nebbiolo or Barbera.

But, let that fool you.  The wines made from Dolcetto also have strong  intense tannins and usually higher levels of acidity.

Tonight’s pick is the Mauro Sebaste.  A more medium bodied wine that packs a punch of flavor.  Mauro Sebaste is known for producing high quality wines.  Barolo, Barbera and this Dolcetto for a few.

The ink black color of the wine is reminiscent of the dark color of the grape skin.  A mysterious dark color that tantalizes and teases.

The bouquet gives a strong nose of pepper, rose, violet and rich dark fruit; black cherry.

Putting the glass to your lips you get the aromas still pouring out.  The wine hits your tongue-the soft and playful notes  dried fruit, almost sweet save for the tannins.  The intensity of the flavors are overpowering.  Wow. Lots of fruit.  You get it, that plum, cherry, all the dark forces rolled into one.  The medium finish does not give it justice.

Tonight’s bottle was a 2014.  I cannot imagine what this will be like with a few more years under  the belt.


Fruity, medium bodied
Fruity, medium bodied