God didn’t make little green apples and it doesn’t rain in…..wherever, Martin Ray Chard, Los Carneros. Martin Ray is an old brand, currently owned by Courtney Benham. What he has done with this brand is amazing. Bringing it back to life and making it one of California’s top tier productions.

My wife is an ABC ( anything but chardonnay) kinda person.  But tonight I amazed her.

Opening the bottle the aroma of green apples blew through the room.  It was just overwhelming.

The golden straw color sparkles in he light.  Beautiful.

Taking a small sip my wifes’ eye lit up.  I did gooood. Matching the aroma, the taste of green apples, citrus, and pear.  So much fruit.  Balanced and full bodied. Perfect acidity.  This wine is great.  Smooth, rich, complex with a long fruit finish

One of the best wines I have had in a long time, not to mention Chardonnay.


Look at that gold
Look at that gold