Entering the highest dimension of Enlightenment was easy with this beautifully succulent mistress of Lirac.  What is Lirac you ask.  I know you are just looking for a way to join me in this ultimate Nirvana.  Lirac is actually an AOC.  It is on the Right bank of the Rhone just across from Chateaunuf du Pape.  How is that for a neighborhood.  I would move there in a heartbeat.

The prominent grapes in the AOC are Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre.  This lovely drink adds a little cinsault to balance out.  Dark rich and supple.  Floral notes on the nose, if you close your eyes lay your head back, you can feel the light winds blowing from the Alps and smell the lingering aromas of nearby gardens and orchards.  the easiest and cheapest way to visit France.  Talk about a budget.

The juice is over abundant with fruit. Concentrated with tannins, not to bold though.   Blackberry, plum, ripe bing cherry.  What a colossal  for your mouth to take in.

Enjoy with grilled or roasted meats, or just damn enjoy.  This is a fantastic wine now a 2015, but give a few more years and WOW a real powerhouse.



In the U.S. we do not know much of the Lirac. In truth the whole Rhone valley is a bit of a mystery. The Lirac village is located just next to Chateauneuf de Pape. Several grape varieties are used in this area, the most prevalent being grenache and syrah. The Romans are known to have been growing grapes in the region for a millennia. The Jaume family has been making wine here for almost 200 years. They are also certified organic growers.

Clos de Sixte is 50% grenache, 35% syrah and 15% mouvedre. Talk about a winning combination well you got it in this one. Ravens wing purple-dark in color. Enticing you to go over to the dark side. The rich, lush juice is preceded by the bouquet of strawberries and violets that emerge from the bottle when uncorked. I was hoping for lilies, but no.

The juice engulfs my throat causing my mouth to water uncontrollably. Big luscious ripe fruit-oh what a pleasure to enjoy. Blackberry, plum dark cherry with just enough spice at the end to entice and intrigue. Smooth, light tannins linger for a short period but the fruit just keeps going. This is definitely a fine wine. well structured, lots of fruit, perfectly balanced. Perfect with any meal, cheese or fruit, or you can just drink it like I did – by itself.



The Jaume family proudly display their name on the bottle and rightfully so. Look for Lirac and the seal on the bottle. You can’t go wrong. If you have never had a Lirac you must try one, and this is a great way to start.