Every now and then I am reminded of the Joe Cocker song, “With a Little Help From My Friends.” For way too long one of my friends was pushing me to try this red blend he had “discovered”. Magic Box. He described it as fruit forward, some complexity with structure. Ample and rich with soft elegant tannins. At the price point he noted, $7, I thought he had to be out of his mind. There is no way a wine can be that good-especially a red blend at that price. He must be pulling my leg. So just to shut him up really, I bought a bottle.

To my surprise he was right. A perfectly balanced wine. Just enough acidity to keep my mouth watering for more. The juice flooded my mouth with flavor. Full, rich velvety feel. Plum, cherry and cassis. Hints of tobacco and chocolate, a slight oak note with a medium finish. And those elegant tannins.

The best part of the deal. It is Spanish. Yes a Spanish wine, 90% syrah and 10% grenach. The world just got a little better.

Enjoy!! Oh and every now and then ….Listen to your friends..!!!!!


I made chicken pot pie tonight. I sauteed everything in the Finca Nueva.  I always tell my customers that you shouldn’t cook with something you wouldn’t drink.  I def drink this.


Me and friends at Finca Nueva with Miguel.


Look at that color.  I know you just are tempted. Now get off your butt and go get some.

Where do you start, the color, that drop dead gorgeous gold. I grew up in the tExas country side and I do know what the sun looks like on a hot summer day, or the color of corn silk glistening in that sun. That is the color you find here.

What about Rioja. Rioja is one of the best known DOC in Spain. Grapes have been harvested in this area for more than a thousand years. Best known for it’s reds it does produce high quality whites too. Finca Nueva Blanco boasts 100% Viura grapes. Rioja is also known for it’s use of oak aging. Consistent with its Northern neighbor – Bordeaux.

Bodega Finca Nueva is a project lead by wine maker Miguel Angel de Gregorio. I had the very distinct pleasure of visiting his winery several years ago. I highly recommend the trip and visiting the winery. Miguel is also the winemaker at Allende.

The Finca Nueva Blanco has a nose that reminds me of a bright summer day in the garden. The fresh orchard smells and cut grass. the mouth has a distinct citrus notes with hints of vanilla. Full mouth feel balanced acidity. A light refreshing wine that is perfect with chicken or fish. Enjoyable, it is my alternative to Sauv Blanc. Spanish wines also have an advantage. They are usually a better price and quality than you find in other places. This one was under 10.