On our monthly night out in the city we chose La Viola Ovest.  Highly recommended by several friends and very much worth it.  On this night we met a couple of friends for dinner too.  The quaint restaurant sits across the street from its sister La Viola.  The night was great, EXCELLENT food, great wine, and conversation with good friends.  We started talking and enjoying ourselves I forgot to get pictures of the food and wine.  We ordered appetizers for the table and then we each had our own entrees.  Calamari, antipasto and mozzerella with roasted peppers I paired them with a wonderful white from Langhe .DELICIOUS.  The entrees were all shared, various forms of pasta, shrimp, ham and spinach, but the winner that night was by far the pork chop.  Grilled to perfection, seasoned mouthwatering goodness.  Oh my lovely.

I brought two reds to go with the entrees.  The Villa Lanata Langhe Baccanera and the Accordini Valpolicella Ripasso.  Both excellent wines and both went down very well.  The Baccanera, full bodied fruit forward and bold.  A blend of cabernet and barbera.  Dark fruit, plum, ripe dark cherry, Solid tannins that paired with the meats made the wine luscious.  Just luscious.

The second was Accordini Valpolicella Ripasso.  As soon as the bottle was opened everyone around the table let out a  perfect oohh.  The aromas of the fruit balanced with the floral fragrance was so inviting.  The taste hit my buds and almost brought tears to my eyes.  Cherry, pepper, and a chocolate note bounced around my mouth delighting me.  The wine was almost dense in texture, full, rich, fruity perfection.


The Baccanera, horrid picture but excellent wine.
The Baccanera, horrid picture but excellent wine.
cute and quaint, excellent food


Accordini Valpolicella, the winner of the night

my pictures are horrid tonight, but granted it was a very good night.