Ch. Lanessan 2010

Everyday I sample wines, yes everyday. Most of these wines I never mention. But, the ones I do I truly believe are worth the mention.  Not all are highly rated or expensive.  Most are just opposite,  just good drinking wines I have enjoyed. 
Which brings us to Ch Lanessan  2010.  2010 was an outstanding vintage for Bordeaux and this wine offers an example of the reason why.  Lanessan reigns from the Haute Medoc a quality appelation if there ever was.  My oh so quick trip through Bordeaux last year was not long enough to visit every winery, but I will “be back.”
The aroma  rises when you open the bottle, lush notes of ripe fruit invade  your senses and already your body is quivering in anticipation.  Plum, violets, roses with just enough earth tone to round out. 
The dark color of ravens wings, the beautiful color of midnight glows in the glass.  An intriguing and mysterious quality that tantalizes or dares you to enter.
And then you let the liquid slowly fill your mouth.  (Let it breath for @ 30 min or longer if you can). Oh wow,  this folks is a major, major contender.  How can I use words to explain this work of art.  This gift.  Intense,intense.  So much depth, so much going on.  The richness of the fruit, ripe plums. Mineralization that adds extra structure.  Soft elegant tannins that linger beyond time.  Juicy, juicy and mouthwatering.  Full bodied, one (only one) of the best wines.

The best part is that I still have an 09 to try

I still have an 09 to try !!!!!!

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