Old Cannery Row , Raymond Ranch

As I continue to state I am not a fan of those big oaky chards from California.  Most of them are not balanced and have an overpowering sense of cardboard.  That said I have to swallow my pride and admit ….I like this one.
This wine has it all. Balance, fruit, oak lots if depth and structure. 
The nose emits aromas of green apple, fresh cut grass ( yes that’s what I said).  The color of a  golden sun on a summer day.  All combines into the experience.
The wine hits your tongue and immediately  you notice all of the fruit nuances. Apple, peach, buttery notes and that oak.  But in this case it is not offputting,  ( if that is a word).  A nice finish, it does not linger, but is refreshing and satisfying. 
Charlie Wagner is the winemaker, yes of that Wagner family.   And he does great work here. I will follow with a review of his Santa Lucia Highlands in the coming weeks.

Look at that butter

Look at that butter

Dinner was wondeful all together

A perfect dinner pairing

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