Maysara Pinot Noir Jamsheed

Every time I think I have hit it big, I find a new favorite. Call me fickle.  Four years or so ago, I could not stand Pinot, the reason of course, was that I had not had a good one. Now I know that Pinot can be lush, fruity and fuller bodied. Tonight I have had the pleasure of Maysara Jamsheed.

When I twisted the cap off, yes a cap, get over yourself… I was immediately hit with the aromas of plum, coffee, violets and a little hint of tobacco.

Feeling anxious, I wanted to believe that the flavor would be as good as the aroma was leading me to believe.  That first little droplet hit my tongue… WOW, I couldn’t resist taking a full gulp. Swishing it around my mouth so that every sensor could get a hit. Disappointing. NEVER. Oh the tongue was tingling and the cheeks were watering. I was in my pleasure place.  Chocolate, coffee, tobacco, fruit, cinnamon and spice at the end.  And the end never really came…the lingering flavor still bouncing around. Rich, full, luscious… DEVINE.


Gorgeous, luscious.
Gorgeous, luscious.

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