Villa Maffei Valpolicella

An Italian staple; Valpolicella
An Italian staple; Valpolicella

Another gem.  Under $10. Who doesn’t love a great wine and a fabulous price. In this case a Valpolicella. To be more precise, Valpolicella is a region or province, in Verona Italy. Valpolicella is second to Chianti in production. It is typically made from three grapes; Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara. It is usually not aged ( or at least not long) and released very young.It is light and fruity by nature.

This wine fits all of the above descriptions. A light ruby – Dorothy need not worry about those shoes- color. By looks, refreshing and fruity. If energetic can describe a wine…then this would be it.

The aromas remind me of an early Spring morning. Lots of fresh fruit notes, clean and crisp, like walking through a blooming orchard in the crisp cool morning.

Such a warming and delightful taste. Almost against the mentioned notes.The wine covers the palate with a soft and elegant but velvet, touch. A smooth rich fruit mouth envelopes the senses. A simple wine-full of  flavor. Hints of oak linger, a very minor bit of tannin, but oh that fruit.


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