Nobles Rives Cave de Tain Syrah

This elegant Rhone was a pleasing surprise.  I actually found this bottle mixed in a group of other Syrah.  When I asked about it I was informed it was the only one and they had just mixed it with some other forgotten bottles. 
Living up to the Rhone quality expectations, this nice red gives all your senses a pleasure bump. 
The color is  ruby. Not quite as dark as some Syrah, but giving you the knowledge you are about to try something  worth while.
Flowers, spice and cherry slowly rise from the bottle. Like a genie emerging  from centuries of sleep.
The oral pleasure is not subtle.  Exploding in your mouth like biting into a juicy fruit, your senses are attacked by flavor.  Immediate notes of cherry, currant, hints of licorice and lots of spice:cinnamon, pepper, just abound.  My mouth waters in reflection.  Structured and very balanced.
A more medium body but very fruity wine.  Well worth the $10 I paid.

Look how pretty

Lovely, body, structure and flavor

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