Chateau Dalem Fronsac 2012

wpid-wp-1448236052331.jpegAnother great wine from one of my favorite wine makers, Brigitte Rullier-Loussert.  Brigitte learned the business from her father Michele Rullier. The estate is set in one of the primo locations in bordeaux.  Nestled in between Pomerol and St. Emilion it invokes the best of both appelations.  The estate works to maintain sustainable – organic farming techniques.  The terrioir tells the story of the wine.  In her own words, ” My urge isn’t to produce muscly wines that have been excessively leached-out and whih are often, too woody, this is not what my vision of what wine should be.  Wine should offer both body and substance, without forgoing elegance symbolizes perfect harmony as far as I’m concerned.”  A great philosophy from a great wine maker.

Now to the wine.  The nose gives off aromas of cherry and spring flowers. The squid inky color is not disappointing, just a tease.  Oh, and when it hits your mouth the lovely, luscious, velvet coating that covers your tongue is a never ceasing stream of taste.  Licorice, dark berry, plum all cover your mouth and move gently down your throat.  Oh what a thrill.

I should also mention the earth tones that linger in the aftertaste.  Not a full barnyardy effect, but more of a dirt/mineral flavor.  Not off putting, just another depth of flavor.  Quality, and yes the terroir shows through. I believe Brigitte’s philosophy shows through in this wine.




Overlooking the valley just behind the estate. One of the most beautiful scenes in France.

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