Line Shack Petite Sirah, living on the edge

A line shack is where cowboys would spend time when thy were out on the vast openness tending cattle, fences and doing what cowboys do.  The Line Shack winery is named for one old “shack” found on the property when the Balentine family purchased the property in Monterey county California. This area produces some fine wines usually known for their very fruit forward style.

The winery is most known for it’s high quality Cabernet.  Tonight though I talk about the Petite Sirah.  Petite Sirah (also known as Durif in some circles) is of course a red wine grape.  Producing a dark, spicy, plum flavor that is usually very tannic.  Do not confuse Petite Sirah with Syrah (shiraz).

Line Shack lives up to the challenge.  The wine is dark almost black ink in color. The immense nose tantalizes with flavors to come. Dark rich fruit, raspberry, plum and cherry.

The flavor complements the nose.  The liquid coats the mouth with a softness that soothes and comforts.  Rest here for awhile it seems to say.  Then spice, cinnamon, white pepper tingle in the finish.  This wine is well balanced with lots of flavor depth.  A great addition to any home cellar, or better yet drink it now.



Look at that “ink” in the glass. Yumm, I say yum.


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