Echezeaux and Forgets

On our BYOB night out this month we went to Zaccharias near Lansdale.  Specializing in Italian food, but also serving “American” fare, this cafe has built a reputation.  This evening I brought along 2 wines. Coquard Loison Fleurot Echezeaux, and Javillier Bourgogne des Forgets.

For starters we ordered elk sausage, chicken livers (yeppers, we are from the south) and butternut squash ravioli.  The sausage was excellent, the drawback was the red peppers served with them.  My God enough already.  The whole plate was filled with it, and yuck.  The chicken livers were perfection.  They were crisp and light with onions and cranberries, very delightful. The ravioli…..superb.  Homemade creamy goodness.

I decided to have the Delmonico, usually a good choice, and the wife had the short rib.  The short rib was so tender.  The meat just fell off and melted in your mouth.  The delmonico, not so wonderful.  I ordered med rare, which came as well.  Then it had this topping, umm, not quite sure what they were thinking, but think again. Onions and mushrooms, sounds great right, then add about a quart of balsamic vinegar.  WHAT, yea that’s what.  What could have been an interesting take actually turned into a blob of soggy yuck.  The steak, even over cooked, was flavorful, but add the goop and it turned into this sickly sweet I can’t really say.

The wines were not disappointing.  The Bourgogne des Forgets by Patrick Javillier and his daughter was amazing.  Light crisp and perfectly balanced.  So much flavor.  I remember visiting this winery.  Everything was in the cellar.  A true family operation.  The quality of the wines are so high.  The nose has aromas of honey, pear and apple.  The taste is superb.  Hints of orange, apple, pear and honey, coat the mouth.  My mouth is again watering just thinking about it.  Compliments to the winery.  Just awesome.

Echezeaux is a Grand Cru vineyard just in the Cote de Nuits in Burgundy.  Romanee-Conti of course comes to mind but this is not that.  (Though that is a bucket list item). When i visited there I was enthralled with the history. And I admit this is one of the bottles I bought paying just over 100 euro.  About 150.00 $ at that time.  Coquard Loison is a very very small- higher quality  winery.  Limited production gives greater control and it has paid off.

The nose is full of spice, dark cherry, cedar?, and earthiness.  Tasting the wine, oh what pleasure.  The rich ripe fruit bursts forth, followed by the spice and earthiness (a truffle might come to mind).  A smoky finish that is delightful.  A gorgeous- beautiful wine.  I want more,  guess I will have to visit again.  This is almost a perfect example of Burgundy.

If you can find either of these wines I suggest you try them. You will pay for them but you will absolutely enjoy them.


Look at the color of those wines, just art.  The appetizers were the best.

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