Contado Mankas Cabernet

Contado Mankas, not a name you hear often. Produced by Mankas Hills vineyards and owned by MGR Partners.  Coming from an AVA you definitely do not hear everyday, or even a few times a year.  Suisun Valley.  Located in Solano County it was made an AVA in 1982.  The owners of Mankas Hills are committed to producing high quality wines even if it means limited production.  They have achieve their goals.

Contado Mankas is a beautiful cabernet that exhibits all of the characteristics of its proud Italian namesake.  100% cabernet grapes.  Aged mainly in French oak for 24 months giving that extra flavor and depth.

The nose gives a fresh fruity aroma, enticing and pleasant.

The mouth blows away.  Full bodied, so many layers coating the tongue and cheeks.  Rich ripe fruit,  cherry, raspberry,  a delicious bounty.  Spice notes come at the end with tannins that seem to start soft and then grow.  Drinking this wine makes me think of doing something naughty but oh so much fun.  You know what I mean.  The pleasure of enjoyment.  A true guilty pleasure.

Enjoy $$$

Contado Mankas cabernet



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