Slap Your Momma …and sing Hallelujah,Baldacci Cabernet Stags Leap

Well I did it.  Last night I asked HR to go pick out a bottle for me.  There it is, the girl brings up a 2009 Baldacci Stag’s Leap, Black Label.  Forget it….the earth shook and the heavens opened up.  What a spectacular wine.  The small winery has put forth some exciting and spectacular wines.  The winery is nestled into the stag’s leap district, a few acres snuggled in  with a cave.  A must see for anyone heading out to Napa.

The winemaker for Baldacci is Rolando Herrera.  He is a story unto himself. But, undoubtedly one of the best winemakers of the past 50 years.  One day I would really like to just tell his story. But tonight is all about the wine.

This is probably the softest, silkiest wine you will every have..and full bodied to boot. The nose is pure red fruit.  Cherry jumps at you then plum, raspberry followed by a little smokiness.

But oh the taste.  The full richness envelopes you as you pour the juice into your mouth.  The depth reeks havoc on your senses.  Your body quivers as tears slowly role down your cheeks.  Simple perfection.  The tannis are so silky just leaving that velvet glove touch in your mouth. I cannot put into words the beautiful pleasure.  You must  try, and you know my motto.  “Everyday is a special day.”




Just look at that. My mouth is watering now.

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