Whoever Thought,…Ch. Montelena Cabernet, Napa 2012

For those who have not heard  of Ch. Montelena ….I will leave you to do your own research.   Just think “judgement of Paris”. For those who have, well let me just say this wine is worth the hoopla.  Known mainly for the Chardonnay,  they also do Zin, Cab., and a riesling. 
Today I focus on the Napa Cab 2012.
A gorgeous ruby color that sparkles in the glass. Dorothy could only wish for such.
The nose is complex.  The sweet aroma of roses and violets, coupled with the sensuous  aromas of tobacco.
The beverage soothes into the mouth.  Full, rich , refined and elegant.  Very fruity. The complexity will drive you insane, trying to decipher all of the flavors.Very, very soft tannins that just keep you hooked and lures you into more. 
The Barrett family continues to drive quality and excellence, and in my “judgment” they win again.

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