Kupelwieser Riesling

With a name like Kupelwieser  one would expect a great German riesling.

And you would sorta be right.  This is a great Italian riesling from Alto Adige.  The Alto Adige is an area just on the Austrian border in the north of Italy.  Through history it has passed between Italian, German Austrian hands.  It is also known as Sudtirol (South Tyrol). The influence of the Italian and German cultures blends itself into the wines.

The Kupelwieser Riesling is an audacious wine.  Bold and fruity and yet elegant and soft.

The nose produces scents of summer flowers and peaches.  The aromas envelope you and immediately your thoughts turn to those hot summer days looking for that refreshing  summer wine, cool-dry -fruity-DELICIOUS.  Well look no further this is the one.

This wine is delightful.  Crisp, fruity, soft, bold.  Flavors of peach and lemon wrap around your tongue.  The mouth watering delite bounces around and a smile automatically comes to your lips.  Just damn good.




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