Yakkity Yak… Sheridan Mystique 2014

The Yakima Valley is a Washington State AVA established in 1983. The AVA has become known as a place for high quality intense wines.   The first harvest for Sheridan Vineyards was in 2000 under the guidance of owner and winemaker Scott Greer.  He produces some very very fine cabernets, blends and my favorite the merlot, Sheridan Mystique.

The 2014 is exceptional.  Right off the bat, when you open the bottle the pent up frustrations of aromas that have been bottled up far too long,  currants, cherry and incense  explode into the room and wrap you head in nirvana.

If your mouth is not already watering… then I am sorry you are not felling well.

Once the juice hits your mouth your body will automatically relax, you exhale and a smile will slowly cross your lips. Your troubles have disappeared, your mind and soul is trying to make sense of all the flavors going through it.  The intense full-bodied wine is giving you everything it has.  Cinnamon and spice come next with soft and elegant tannins pushing through.  A long long finish repeating all again and again.

Kudos Scott you have produced a superb wine.






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