Magnifico….Baronia del Montsant Flor dEnglora

In my continued infatuation with Spanish wines I bring you truly one of the easiest drinking, but complex wines you wil ever try. #Baronia Florida dEnglora.  A lovely wine from Montsant, named for the mountain top.

It carries a bold dark ruby color.  Enticing and mesmerizing like the gem it is named for.

Open the bottle and just stand back for 15 minutes or so.  The aroma of fresh violets and roses fill the room.  These are accompanied by aromas of fresh brewed coffee and kitchen spices.  Already you are in your comfort zone.

Taking the glass to your lips, the anticipation of what is to come is almost unbearable.  The color, the bouquet have all combined to entangle your senses.  And truly the juice does not disappoint.  The fresh rich flavor of the fruit coats your tongue making your mouth water uncontrollably.   The cherry and plum are the first noticed.  Then the light note of coffee and chocolate finished off by cinnamon  and pepper. This party in your mouth is both exciting and comforting at the same time.

Spanish wine, what can I say.  No where else can you get such full bodied richness and stay under $10.00 (US)
This is a wine you will serve to any wine geek and they will think you paid a fortune for it. Just keep it our secret.

Enjoy. $

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