Sharpe Hill Chardonnay, Connecticut

I am not a Chardonnay fan.  A friend gave me this wine over the Holidays. Always wanting to try something new I opened this last night.  There was a vague aroma of hay and oak, as I stuck my nose into the bottle.

The full golden color was a complete give away to what was coming.  Full, rich, buttery an big oak.  I am assuming the malolactic fermentation did exactly what it was supposed to do.

Full bodied but soft.  Big Buttery, oak bomb.  this is a very popular style of Chardonnay, not mine though.  But, leaving my personal tastes aside (I realize that MANY people love this style) this is a very good wine.  I admit i drank most of the bottle, I did I did.



this was a gift so I really am not sure the price, but I would think under 20

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