Yes Sir, Senorio De Nava

Spanish wines have been a favorite for a long time. Reds mostly , but from time to time I come across an exceptional white, and this is one.  Senorio De Nava from Rueda.  Rueda is a DOC in North Central Spain, mainly known for Verdejo.  This wine is made from Verdejo, a lite citrus style grape, and Viura.  Viura is also known as Macabeo-usually used as a blending grape.  Verdejo is one of the most common white grape varities with a style similar to Sauvignon Blanc.

The Senorio de Nava winery was founded in 1986.  Young in wine age.  They are known for being the first to use French oak barrels for aging.  This wine is perfect for seafood and light meals. Aromas of fresh fields (if that is a thing, but I bet you imagined what I was talking about).  Perfectly balanced. Light acidity.  Elegant citrus notes that are not overwhelming.  An easy drinking very approachable wine.

I did pair this with a shrimp and pasta dish that just called for a wine that would compliment the flavors.  Butter and lemon, garlic and seasonings, what else do you need.




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