My Helen Rose

I cannot describe how PROUD I am of Helen Rose. She has done so much in her life that I never would have. I can look back at all the disappointments in my life and think what if… The real reason is because I never put myself out there. I always thought about it but never did. I just passed by, never trying, never going for it, never striving to reach goals. And at some point I just existed-stuck in the “what if cycle”, never extending myself.
Helen has always put herself out there, willing to gofor it. But putting yourself out there also comes with the risk of disappointment. That is where I failed. I didn’t risk it because I could not deal with failure. It is easier to do the bare minimum – then you will not be disappointed. I cannnot fathom the strength and courage it takes to risk disappointment and not winning. Then have that same courage and strength to do it all again. At these times she is 200% better than me at life. The people who posess these characteristics will continue to succeed even when failing. Richard Branson says that “to be successful you must know the pain and disappointment of failure many times.”.
Helen–you make me the proudest Dad in the world. I know that your hurt right now seems to be inconsolable. As a father I want o take away the pain, but I can’t. Tomorrow will be better and the day after even better. Continue to strive to reach your endeavors, live your dreams always.
Love Dad

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