Sonoma Loeb Pinot Noir

This sultry Pinot is, well Damn good.  Titus has proven again that he is a master of his craft.  And, as a  winemaker at Chappellet he knows how to turn grapes into beautiful wines. Sonoma Loeb as well as his own label- Titus- are to die for.  But today my focus is on Sonoma Loeb. 
I can’t help but just love this wine.  The nose is full of floral notes, violets and roses.  Combine this with cherry and plum and who can resist.  The room fills with these  aromas making good you at our cell feel at ease and tranquil.
When the juice hits your tongue the senses overload.  Mouthwatering  is not enough to describe what is going on.  At once those cherry anes thd plum flavors pop, then oh then the chocolate comes through. Yes, I said chocolate, who can resist that.  There is so much happening here.  Spices; clove and a little pepper are on the end.  But the end just keeps going.  WOW.  Such intensity, depth,  structure.  This wine has it all.  Definitely  not your normal west coast pinot. Drinking ,ore like a hearty burgundy.  I close my eyes and just enjoy the rapture. 




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