Not Your Mommas’ Malbec,…Chateau de Mercues, Cahors 2012

I love Malbec. Let me just start by saying this.  When I post about a Malbec from anywhere but Argentina I get so much flak.  My friends and followers from South America cannot help but give me grief,some even going as far as to accuse me of making it up, that France does not make Malbec. Well it does, not as much anymore but it does.  I remind them that it is one of the 5 Bordeaux grapes.I do not want to take anything away from Argentina.  Both areas produce magnificent wines.

Cahors is an area of Southwest France known for producing Malbec and too lesser degree Merlot and Tannat.  Today we look at Chateau de Mercues 2012. This wine is actually a blend of Malbec and Merlot @80-20.   A dark almost black color looms invitingly in the glass.  A beautiful rich color basking in the glory of what is to come.

The bouquet fills the room with violets, cherry and plum.  Soon the flavors come over the mouth.  The sensation sends a tingling through the body.  A friend gave me this word “winegasm”, I think it works.  So much going on here. Big, bold fruit.  Very ripe plum which is followed by black cherry  and notes of chocolate and spice that follow. Subtle tannins that leave your mouth grasping for more.  A prime example of a great wine from Georges Vigouroux. I will definitely have this one again.

Enjoy $


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