Another Night On the Town

Last week we went to a BYOB in Lahaska.  A new place called Calebs.  The place features All American style cuisine farm to table.  I chose La Conreria a Priorat as the wine for the night.

For starters we had the crab tacos with sirachi and jalepenos.  The taco was crisp, the crab was delicious withe the added spice it was amazing.  There was a burn but oh was it a good burn.

Next was the goat cheese and beet salad.  The sweet savory mix with the spice of the arugula–I can do this all day.

Of course I had the ribeye, but was torn between that and the duck.  The steak was aged 28 days and cooked perfectly.  Tender, juicy and flavorful. I made the right choice.

The wine, La Conreria, was absolutely amazing.  Big bold and fruity, the deep dark rich color begging to be drank.  The fruit jumping from the bottle gave the whole room a warm floral bouquet aroma.  Oh and I haven’t even had any yet.  Smooth, silky, velvet.  Blueberry, plum, cedar to start then finishes with chocolate and spice.  A long-long finish.  Yea I will be having this one again.


A great night of food and drink.


@ 30$


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