The Hills Are Alive With The Sounds of…..Winzer Krems Rose

Refreshing, I need one now

The hot dry summers make a body long for something cool and refreshing.  I say try a rose.  Not a sweet domestic zinfandel Yuck..I just threw up in my mouth thinking about it..try a sophisticated dry rose.  Most are elegant, light, crisp with hints of red fruit..cherry and strawberry.  Rose’s have blossomed into the fastest growing segment of the wine market and every major house has one.  Italian, French, German, Austrian, Spainish, domestic you name it you can get a rose from anywhere now.

Let’s talk about one of my favorites from Austria.  Winzer Krems Rose Blauer Zweigelt.

Winzer Krems is the largest wine producer in Austria, but by no means the only.  It is actually a cooperative in an area about 50 miles from Vienna.  Everything here is done by hand, keeping quality at its peak.   The rose we speak of is light in color.  It has a nice fresh aroma of garden flowers accented with fruit blossoms and pepper.  It has a crisp acidity that pleases the pallet with the hint of strawberry lingering on the tongue, a quick note of pepper finishes.  A slight effervesence gives that extra umph to it and makes it that much more pleasing.

Delightful and pleasing. A worthy summer ( anytime) wine.  I enjoyed this by itself after a hot day on the golf course a perfect refresher.



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