The Sexy Sextant Zinfandel, Wheelhouse Paso..

I once referred to a wine as the Jane Russell of wine.  I got a lot of comments wondering what I meant. Well, sexy, voluptuous, full bodied,dark and dreamy- does that account for it.  This wine just about sums up that description.

When you pull the cork on this wine you are immediately hit with aromas of plum, violets and hints of licorice.  Wow doesn’t that just make your tongue stiff.

Once the juice hits your mouth that tongue will be even stiffer.  Oh that flavor. The richness. Fruity and  Full bodied doesn’t even begin to describe it.   Plum notes coat your mouth.  The licorice comes next, followed by hints of pepper and cinnamon. INTENSE. Yes I am in LOVE.  The finish is looooonnnnggg. Vibrant, but elegant tannins are on the end. I am telling you Zinfandel is the best.




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