Ch. Haut Bages Liberal 2011. Now This is some Good Sh…

I took most of the summer off with the exception of a few cursory postings.  Now, as Fall is upon us and outdoor activities begin to dwindle in the Northeast, I shall start posting more often.  Besides, on the cold wintry nights here-drinking a bottle of red wine seems more apt.  So let’s start with the current drink.

Chateau Haut-Bages Liberal 2011. This wine is classified as a fifth growth and has consistently produced high quality affordable wines.  Currently a part of the Lurton family of wines, managed by Claire Villars Lurton, and consulting winemaker Eric Boissenot. 2011 was a difficult year in Bordeaux.  This wine overcame the drought and heat of summer.

Floral and fruit aromas immediately erupt when the bottle is opened.  In just  few seconds the whole room is enveloped in the aroma.

Full bodied with soft elegant tannins.  Rich ripe berry overwhelm the tongue.  Dark fruit flavors pour over the mouth. So many flavors spinning through my mind.  Plum, cassis, blackberry, pepper, cinnamon, hint of cedar. Soft, sweet, elegant tannins follow at the end.  The finish is long and flavorful. A freakin enjoyable drink.   I can’t help myself I had to drink the whole thing.






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