I have a great fondness for wines from saint Emilion.  Usually you find some fabulous wines at great value.  In this case, the Grand Corbin Manuel was once part of the Grand Corbin estate. Owned by the de Gaye family it has continued to grow in prominence over the last 20 years.  The estate is planted in Merlot, Cab Franc, and Cab Sauv.  These are all represented in this wine.  The terroir is mainly sand and clay that makes the vines struggle and produce some juicy fruit.  It is after all a Grand Cru.  A little suffering …you know the religious connotations.

Let me breathe.  The wine is screaming to breathe.  It is still young, very young a virtual baby in a bottle.  Decant for as long as you can.  Doing so will let you enjoy the bright delightful aromas.  Very much like walking through a garden of roses after a rain.  you know what I am saying, that highly fragrant perfume that lingers everywhere.  I can still smell it.

The juice itself is dark, I mean dark. Beautifully dark.  Appealing to all of your senses, the nose, the sight and color, now for taste.  Ooops, i am almost slobbering over myself.  I kinda have the giggles.  Rich, full bodied wine  Concentrated with licorice and ripe plum flavors. But, oh boy watch those tannins.  You better have some protein available.  I enjoyed this win immensely, but definitely with a meal.

Give it a try

Enjoy  $$$


Look at how dark that is.  Just inviting and appealing.


I love yellow cake with chocolate icing. that has nothing to do with anything – just wanted to throw that out there.

First let’s understand the term Bordeaux Superieur.  The grapes are usually Cabernet, Cab Franc, or Merlot. There are several regulations that differ from regular Bordeaux.

  1. Higher vine density
  2. a lower maximum yield
  3. grapes are harvested later for a more ripe grape
  4. they are barrel aged.

In the case of the Ch. Feret Lambert the Merlot really stands out.

Aromas of violets, rose, cherry, plum and licorice.  These blow from the bottle the second the cork is pulled.  Really inviting and pleasant.  I can close my eyes and imagine myself in a beautiful vineyard surrounded by flowers and vines.

The taste of the juice blows my mind.  Fruit forward and strong.  Outstanding, as my mouth is watering.  the ripe fruits are pushing through wow ok just wow.  Cherry, blackberry, chocolate yes chocolate, and just a note of cedar.  The finish just keeps lingering on, that chocolate spiciness ooohhh.

A real gem.  At less than 20$ it is a steal.  Beautiful .

Now I am going to go enjoy some yellow cake and chocolate icing.  (You didn’t think I wasn’t going to just leave that there without bringing it back.!!)



20170831_192019Oh What a Night.  Everything about this wine is spectacular.  First it is from the Pessac-Leognan appellation.  (Do not confuse with Chateau Haut-Brion, the only 1855 classified red wine from the appellation).  But, for a much more economical substitute -and I certainly cannot drink Haut-Brion on a regular basis, this is one to go with.  And of course it is a 2009 vintage.  One of the top 5 vintages in the last 20 years.

The aroma bursts from the bottle immediately after opening.  Violets and roses.  Hints of cinnamon and spices.  Delightful, inviting.  You must let this one sit for awhile.  This just adds to the intense anxiety you have to jump in and drink immediately.  It is sorta like going on a blind date and arriving an hour early, (Carly Simon singing anticipation starts going through your head.

Once you pour the opulent juice in your glass your body starts tingling with excitement.  The dark raven wing color is just-well -beautiful.  As you sip some of the juice in your mouth , first the tip of the tongue starts trying to decipher all of the elements.  Then as your cheeks start noticing the wine, automatic mouth watering begins.  A very well balanced, fruit forward wine.  Plum, ripe cherry, smoke and earthiness and cedar.  Notes of pepper.  OMG  give me more.  Tannins are so very soft and elegant-silky.  The wine is soft,  a more medium body.  Ripe red fruits are plentiful with a smoky after.  The finish is loooonnngggg.   This is a perfect wine for a cheese dinner.

I am going to leave you now and finish this bottle!!!!!





Kirwan is a Third Growth classification in Margaux.  It is owned by the Irish family Kirwan, one of the “Tribes of Galway”.  The terroir of Margaux is fabled, and Kirwan sits on some of the best.  Kirwan has @40 hectares planted with merlot, cabernet, cab franc and petit verdot.  The family has taken these 40 hectares and produced some magnificent vintages.  As a Third Growth it still produces some of the highest rated wines of Bordeaux.

The vintage I have is the 2012.  A highly rated and solid vintage, and at about 50 dollars an excellent value.

The color is a deep very dark purple.  A smooth sheen gives it a gloss like a ravens wing.

The wonderful bouquet of violets and plum erupt from the bottle as soon as the cork is popped.  Give this one time to breathe and enjoy the aromas as you do.

The velvety smooth layer of delight that coats your mouth causes all of the senses to erupt with delight.  Truly your body has not experienced this kind of pleasure from a mere bottle of wine.  The eruption in your senses causes your body to tremble.  Your mouth will overlfow with delight.  Plum, ripe red fruits and tannic.  Yes, tannic, begging for protein.  And give it you will, meat, cheese, chocolate everything will pass through your mind.  Today I give you prime rib.  Think about it, you know you want some now.

A complex and highly structured wine that for a lack of words is a show off.  I am not sure if it is really showing off though if it actually produces something this stunning.



I took most of the summer off with the exception of a few cursory postings.  Now, as Fall is upon us and outdoor activities begin to dwindle in the Northeast, I shall start posting more often.  Besides, on the cold wintry nights here-drinking a bottle of red wine seems more apt.  So let’s start with the current drink.

Chateau Haut-Bages Liberal 2011. This wine is classified as a fifth growth and has consistently produced high quality affordable wines.  Currently a part of the Lurton family of wines, managed by Claire Villars Lurton, and consulting winemaker Eric Boissenot. 2011 was a difficult year in Bordeaux.  This wine overcame the drought and heat of summer.

Floral and fruit aromas immediately erupt when the bottle is opened.  In just  few seconds the whole room is enveloped in the aroma.

Full bodied with soft elegant tannins.  Rich ripe berry overwhelm the tongue.  Dark fruit flavors pour over the mouth. So many flavors spinning through my mind.  Plum, cassis, blackberry, pepper, cinnamon, hint of cedar. Soft, sweet, elegant tannins follow at the end.  The finish is long and flavorful. A freakin enjoyable drink.   I can’t help myself I had to drink the whole thing.






Yes I said 1995. 1995 was by all accounts a very good year in Bordeaux, most high 90’s rated.  This wine usually scored in mid 90’s from most raters.

Ch. Giscours is a third growth, but don’t tell it that.  It has been producing fine wines forever, rivaling the seconds and firsts in the past 20 vintages.

The nose  exhibits aromas showing off ripe fruits,  raspberry, blackberry, dark cherry, with notes of oak.

The juice shoots volumes  in your mouth.  Big juicy notes that make the eyes bulge.  So many layers, definitely structure and complexity.  Full bodied cannot even begin to describe.  The tannins are huge.  Let this one breathe please.  This is not a stand alone. Protein is needed in some form to go with this.  Have a big steak and enjoy the evening.




Every  now and then you come across something that really blow your mind.  The wines of the Barton family are such.  Leoville- Barton a second-growth and it’s sister, Langoa-Barton a third growth are just supreme wines.  The Barton family has owned the vineyards since the mid 19th century.

Tonight I offer the 2006 Langoa-Barton, Wine Spectator gave it at 91.  A score like that and it is considered a third growth (not if I were alive in 1855). The beautiful dark raven color shines in the glass.  Like rubies sparkling in the light.  The nose erupts from the uncorked bottle.  Violets, roses, fresh very ripe fruit.  A plentiful basket beckoning.

Loosening the liquid into the mouth your body immediately knows it is being allowed to sample something special.  The full rich fruit coats your mouth and tongue.  Cherry, blackberry, plum and currant.  Soft, elegant tannins linger in the finish.  Balanced, structured, complex….you come up with your own adjectives. Get this while you can not many are left.



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Chateau Ferran is located in the Pessac Leognan., Graves.  This region is known for both red and white wines unlike most Bordeaux areas.  Most famous for being the home of Chateau Haut-Brion.  Being on the left bank, the predominant grape is Cabernet.

Chateau Ferran was a gift to me to sample.  I was not disappointed and will accept gifts as these any time. Thank You.  The nose emitted an air of old world mustiness.  Not in an off putting way though.  A typical aroma of wild ripe fruit that grows in the woods, berries of sorts, combined with an earthy truffle mushroom note.  Yea,  I know most of you are thinking WHAT? who would drink that, but believe me you will not be disappointed if you did.

The flavom hits you full force.  Front and center comes that earthiness immediately on its heels, the berries.  Rich and fruity.  Black berry, currant, cherry, a bit of coffee and chocolate are noted too, are all combined to make this an overwhelming mind blowing experience.  Slight hinders of cedar and smooth tannins with a long, long, long finish.   Very well structured with all the planes of flavor evenly spread.  A big dinner wine.


You can almost taste the goodness from here.

The Chateau Cote Montpezat, located in the appellation Cotes de Castillon owned by the Bessineau family since 1989.  The history of the chateau goes back to the 16th century.  No doubt providing great wine since.  This 2010 vintage has achieved high ratings 90 or above from many reviewers.  The wine is majority merlot with remaining cab franc and cab sauvignon.

The fragrance of violets and ripe red fruits slowly lofts into the room after opening.  Pour the wine into the decanter and letting it sit for 30 minutes, leave the room and then come back.  The aroma overtakes you as you re-enter.  Starting out soft and easy then the power hits.

The mouth is coated with a soft velvety liquid.  The rich-ripe fruits caress your senses.  Your brain is reaching trying to distinguish all of the flavors.  Besides the dark cherry notes I distinguish a certain fig too.  Soft and elegant throughout.  A lingering spice that makes your mouth water continuously.  Concentrated and full bodied, oh the gorgeous drink.



The original title of this blog was…Friday  is pizza and Bordeaux night at our house.  But, I wanted the name to be in the title and it was a bit too long. Soooo, Friday night is pizza night at our house.  The biggest difference between our house and any others is the wine we drink with it.

Last night we ordered from our favorite pizza place with a few wings on the side.  I went downstairs and pulled a wine that I really just wanted to drink not really caring if it was a “pizza wine”,  as if any wine is NOT a pizza wine.  And WOW did I get it right.

Chateau Lamothe-Cissac, a Haut-Medoc favorite, from Domaine Fabre.  The Fabre family offers a whole selection of wine for every price range.    What a beautiful wine. The blend is a perfect balance of Cabernet, Cab Franc, Merlot and Petit Verdot.  The nose is filled with aromas of ripe red fruit.  Hints of floral notes follow.  The sirens of ancient lore could not better entice.

The luscious, I repeat luscious, liquid rolls over my mouth.  The soft velvet coating is soothing.  So many flavors bursting through.  Plum, cherry, dark fruit ripe and bursting with flavor.  Oh the lovely, soft, elegant tannins that linger for a long long time.  An invitation to enjoy more.  And so I did.  Enjoy.


Look at dark rich color
of course with the pizza