The Grand Scheme of things,…Grand Corbin Manuel, Saint Emilion Grand Cru

I have a great fondness for wines from saint Emilion.  Usually you find some fabulous wines at great value.  In this case, the Grand Corbin Manuel was once part of the Grand Corbin estate. Owned by the de Gaye family it has continued to grow in prominence over the last 20 years.  The estate is planted in Merlot, Cab Franc, and Cab Sauv.  These are all represented in this wine.  The terroir is mainly sand and clay that makes the vines struggle and produce some juicy fruit.  It is after all a Grand Cru.  A little suffering …you know the religious connotations.

Let me breathe.  The wine is screaming to breathe.  It is still young, very young a virtual baby in a bottle.  Decant for as long as you can.  Doing so will let you enjoy the bright delightful aromas.  Very much like walking through a garden of roses after a rain.  you know what I am saying, that highly fragrant perfume that lingers everywhere.  I can still smell it.

The juice itself is dark, I mean dark. Beautifully dark.  Appealing to all of your senses, the nose, the sight and color, now for taste.  Ooops, i am almost slobbering over myself.  I kinda have the giggles.  Rich, full bodied wine  Concentrated with licorice and ripe plum flavors. But, oh boy watch those tannins.  You better have some protein available.  I enjoyed this win immensely, but definitely with a meal.

Give it a try

Enjoy  $$$


Look at how dark that is.  Just inviting and appealing.


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