Chateau Kirwan, An Irish Bordeaux??


Kirwan is a Third Growth classification in Margaux.  It is owned by the Irish family Kirwan, one of the “Tribes of Galway”.  The terroir of Margaux is fabled, and Kirwan sits on some of the best.  Kirwan has @40 hectares planted with merlot, cabernet, cab franc and petit verdot.  The family has taken these 40 hectares and produced some magnificent vintages.  As a Third Growth it still produces some of the highest rated wines of Bordeaux.

The vintage I have is the 2012.  A highly rated and solid vintage, and at about 50 dollars an excellent value.

The color is a deep very dark purple.  A smooth sheen gives it a gloss like a ravens wing.

The wonderful bouquet of violets and plum erupt from the bottle as soon as the cork is popped.  Give this one time to breathe and enjoy the aromas as you do.

The velvety smooth layer of delight that coats your mouth causes all of the senses to erupt with delight.  Truly your body has not experienced this kind of pleasure from a mere bottle of wine.  The eruption in your senses causes your body to tremble.  Your mouth will overlfow with delight.  Plum, ripe red fruits and tannic.  Yes, tannic, begging for protein.  And give it you will, meat, cheese, chocolate everything will pass through your mind.  Today I give you prime rib.  Think about it, you know you want some now.

A complex and highly structured wine that for a lack of words is a show off.  I am not sure if it is really showing off though if it actually produces something this stunning.



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