Pass Me By….., Appassimento Salento

This very fruity wine from Apulia is just well gorgeous.  Apulia produces some very very good wines.  Known for concentrated, high quality fruity wines.  Appassimento, the term meaning “passed over”.  The grapes are picked and then laid out on reed mats to dry, literally being passed over until they are over ripe.  This gives them a “sweetness”, a soft velvety smoothness that is so so good.

This wine has all of the above qualities and more.  The big bold bouquet opens up and brings the garden to life inside.  Violets, roses and cherry blossoms abound.  The taste of of tobacco, spice and cherry jam cascade through the senses, erupting in a war of flavor, oh, oh, oh.  Juicy, jam.. What a fantastic pleasure!!!!


Look at that dark juiciness just begging you to partake. This is a must have.  My mouth is watering just looking at it!!!



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