Well Bully…Bully Hill Winery

Bully Hill Winery has a very long and entertaining past with a great story to read.  Walter Taylor’s battle with The ginormous Coca Cola company beget the Bully Hill company, and so much the better off we all are.  You will have to do the research yourself.  It is a story well worth the read.

New York is the third largest grape producer.  Most of the grapes are used for jelly or juice.  The wines of the state have had a continued improvement over the past decade.  The Finger Lakes area is one of the three most prominent, Long Island and the Hudson River make up the other two.  The Finger Lakes area is one of the most beautiful regions to visit, and during the Fall with the leaves changing it is perhaps one of the best trips you could take.  The Finger Lakes area utilizes many American Vines; Baco Noir, Foch are one of the most popular as well as French hybrids Chardonnay and Rieslings.  Do not go into the visit thinking that New York wines are sweet-you will be mistaken.  But, back to Bully Hill.

Walter Taylor’s legacy is in good hands these days. The winery and tasting room are situated on one of the most beautiful spots overlooking Keuka Lake.  The complex holds the tasting room and winery as well as a museum, which is very interesting, the restaurant, the food is some of the best in the area and a gallery holding art work that is also worth seeing.

The tasting room has several different options; 5$ for 5 tastes your choice, a 20 minute tasting with discussion on several points and the one I chose, 1$ for each taste all your choice and as many as you want.(Of course I chose to have as much as possible).  Several wines at Bully Hill are well worth a try just for the names, Sweet Walter Red/White, I Love my Goat Red/White just to name a few.  They offer reds, whites, rose’, sweet, semi, and dry, boxes, bottles and mags.   My wife goes for the sweeter, my friends we were with go for semi and I – dry.  i enjoyed the Ol’ Mischief.  Try them all though they are worth it.  Have Fun with your wine.

Some pictures of Bully Hill.  Ol Mischief turned out to be my favorite.  This winery is one to spend an afternoon.   Lot’s to do and taste.

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